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Rock Walls and Excavation near Kaysville, UT

Building rock walls and managing site excavation are two key areas where Barlow Construction excels. Utah’s beautiful, rugged landscape can be difficult to mold to fit your design, but our team can help. We have years of masonry experience and a full range of excavation equipment to get the job done swiftly. When you need rock walls built and areas excavated, Barlow Construction can complete the work on time and on budget.

Rock Walls Provide Strength and Beauty

Rock walls are more than decorative. They’re often used for retaining earth on steep slopes. Preventing shifting soil and debris from washing away and ruining your landscape or harming your home is a key way to guard against mudslides during the rainiest parts of the year.

Even when rock walls are mainly built for retention, they can add significant definition to your landscape. Slopes are bad for water drainage, but they also make it difficult to add flower beds, trees and bushes. Building tiers on slopes allows you to plant beautiful gardens, enhancing curb appeal and your own enjoyment of your property.

Barlow Construction will build rock walls for your residential property that blends perfectly with the surrounding environment and carries out a dual purpose — they offer retaining strength to nearby slopes and look magnificent at the same time.

Excavation Is the Starting Point for Every Kaysville, Utah Project

We also specialize in residential excavation and grading. When you’re building a new home or even adding square footage for a remodel, excavation is the starting point. Readying the site is vital, or a range of issues may arise. Every new build or home addition needs sturdy, even, compacted soil to start.

We prepare build sites by excavating foundations and ensuring plots are adequately prepared for the next construction stage. We also arrive after construction is complete and finalize the grading in preparation for laying sod and planting vegetation.

Barlow Construction is the contractor to depend on, even if all you need is a stump removed.

Rely on Our Experience in Rock Wall Construction & Excavation

When choosing an excavation contractor, you should look for expertise in two key areas: budget and schedule. You’ve waited this long to start your remodeling or building venture, so it would be disappointing to pay more and wait longer to finally break ground.

Trust Barlow Construction to build rock walls and excavate property within budget and on time. We’re the Kaysville contractor to turn to when you’re preparing a building site and you want to ensure durability and a stunning landscape to go with your future home.